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Archive for the ‘Product Review’ Category

Zero Scale – Results Without the Weight – Review


The fastest way to find the answers you are looking for about The ZERO Scale is to check out the User Manual.

It features step-by-step instructions for setting up and using your scale Click to download the User Guide as an Adobe PDF format document to your computer.  With this easy-to-use ZERO Scale, you can forget what you weigh and start focusing on looking fabulous.  Four user settings, plus a Guest Mode (if you want your actual weight) make this the perfect scale to replace your old scale and boost your spirits.

The ZERO Scale is designed to secretly remember your starting weight and automatically track your progress showing you small increments of gain or loss and the corresponding number of days. It shows change since your last check, and from the first day you started.

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What’s in the box:

  • 1 – The ZERO Scale (4 private User Profiles, plus Guest mode to see your actual weight if needed)
  • 1 – Easy reference step-by-step user instructions are featured on a static clear label on the face of the scale, which you can remove when you’re used to the scale.
  • 1 – Quick Start User Guide (easy to read with pictures, everything you need to know to set up and use your scale)
  • 1 – BONUS: ZERO Scale Pedometer/Calorie Counter (while supplies last)
  • 1 – ZERO Scale Pedometer/Calorie Counter Instruction Manual
Features and Benefits:
  • You never have to see your weight again.
  • No complicated programming, buttons or other measurements to worry about.
  • Thin, sleek design with glass surface fits beautifully in any bathroom.


My Review:

I was given the chance to get motivated in a different way to maintain my weight with this new scale Zero Scale.  The bonus about this scale is it takes only a few minutes to set up and get going, since this scale was for me, I set myself up as number one and I let my kids have the next couple slots.  What I love about this product, is it keeps when you last weighed in and your weight loss or gain this helps me to not have to look at my weight number but just the weight gain or loss.  I like the display, my kids like it because it’s electronic and all fancy compared to our old rotary one.  The best part of this scale is it is going to be a helping element in my future weight loss program because I don’t have to record my weight just get to see my loss which is by far the best motivation.




Disclosure: I received a Zero Scale for review from Family review network and Zero Scale. I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and all experiences with this product.

Juiceology Product Review

Juiceology is a new juice with unique fresh ingredients for a healthy diet and daily wellness.


Juiceology comes in five delicious flavors such as Apple and Concord grape, and even more exotic blends like Pome Blue Cran, Blueberry Acai and Peach Mango.  Each juice is only 98 calories per serving, zero fat and 18 grams of whole grain extracts. Juiceology’s unique ingredients support a healthy heart and digestive system in addition to promoting lower cholesterol levels.  Soon you’ll be able to find this tasty juice in more states but for now this juice is available only in Southern California  and some grocery store’s which include Ralphs, Gelson’s, Northgate, Bristol Farms and Famima.


A juice that promotes daily wellness with fiber and whole grain extracts and my first thought was yes this is going to taste bad, it has too because it is good for me.  I was very wrong the taste is fantastic and you would never know that it had fiber or whole grain unless you read the label.  I shared my bottles with my family on Thanksgiving and everyone was shocked that it contained fiber and whole grain extracts and it was smooth and tasty.  Everyone enjoy their taste and was happy to know that it was not dull but bold and full of flavor.  It was a nice treat to kick off are Thanksgiving breakfast.


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I received samples of this product to give my honest opinion, no compensation was given for this post this review is based on my experience with the product.




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